AquaHawk Will Tell You...

Customers of Paradise Irrigation District can find out how much water they're using—and receive personalized water use alerts—with AquaHawk. The online system is free, easy to use and packed with practical information which will help customers monitor their water use and save water.

How to Register for AquaHawk

This instruction walks you through the three easy steps: Registering, Signing in, and adding your water account(s).

AquaHawk Overview

The short instructional video will show you how to view your contact information, add and view alert comments and navigate through your history of water use.

AquaHawk Advanced Alerting

Learn to set advanced metering alerts from your AquaHawk account. This tutorial walks you through finding your meter settings, and changing your alert settings based on one-time events or continuous usage.

Save water in your vegetable garden

Imagine growing luscious tomatoes and other vegetables in your garden this summer—without having to use lots and lots of water. That’s just what Paradise (California) resident Charles Brooks does and in this quick video he’ll share his tips with you.

Compost and mulch: Save water and grow healthier plants

Composting your yard waste can help you save water in your landscaping—and it doesn't need to be difficult. Watch as Certified Master Composter Ward Habriel explains the four elements of yard waste composting and offers tips to help you easily create water-saving compost and mulch from the branches, twigs and lawn clippings right from your own yard.