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PID’s 2017 guidelines:

It’s our community’s water—use it wisely!

With this year’s plentiful rainfall—and Paradise’s exemplary efforts at conserving water in recent years—PID has enough water in storage that California is not requiring the district to achieve a state-mandated conservation goal in 2017.

It’s still important to use water wisely, of course. This includes a common sense approach to watering (avoiding outdoor watering at the peak of the day’s heat), irrigating efficiently and not wasting water on driveways or hard surfaces.

To use water wisely, it also makes sense for PID customers to sign up for AquaHawk. Registered AquaHawk users can go online and see their actual water usage—even down to the day and hour. If you don’t have Internet access, the district has a public-use computer in the office, 6332 Clark Road, dedicated to AquaHawk and the ParadiseSavesWater.com site.

But AquaHawk is valuable even if you never go online with it—you can give AquaHawk your phone number and you’ll receive a phone call or text alert if the system detects that you may have a leak. AquaHawk is offered free to all PID customers. Sign up online at PID.AquaHawk.us or call the district office at 877-4971 and a customer service representative will take your information and sign you up for the phone alerts.

Per the state water code, violations of the water conservation plan may be prosecuted as a misdemeanor; repeat offenders, at the discretion of the district, may be placed on the district’s highest tiered payment rate or be subject to other administrative penalties.

The 2017 guidelines are summarized in the image below; more information is available at ParadiseIrrigation.com. You may also request a copy by calling 877-4971.


16 conservation chart